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PSX Trading Services

PSX Trading Services

Shares Trading

Open an account at ZSL and get access to a reliable & efficient place where you can buy and sell shares.

Commodity Trading

We provide our clients with expert advice and personalised guidance to invest in the commodity market according to their individual needs.

Portfolio Management

Our expert team oversees and selects the right investment for you depending on your income & budget.

BOS Trading Terminal

Our trading platforms empowers our customers to be able to trade their stock on the go and keeps them updated with their portfolio 24/7.

Roshan Digital Account

Extending our services & giving access of banking services to people outside Pakistan as well.


Financial Research Portal

Our Research Portal provides 24/7 access to latest charting tools, information about KSE 100, announcements, gainers & losers, for an in-depth research and analysis making the investing journey of the new investors a lot easier.

Online Pakistan Stock Exchange Trading Services

Online Pakistan Stock Exchange Trading Services

Our goal at Zafar Securities is to provide investors maximum access to Pakistan stock exchange capital markets. Ever since its inauguration in November 2002, Zafar Securities Trade has made stock trading simpler, faster, transparent and cheaper by providing unmatched service. Zafar Securities was the first brokerage house in Punjab to offer its clients the services of trading online. We are committed to providing you with the best in what online trading has to offer, so that you can have an exceptional online trading experience. Some salient features of Zafar Securities (Pvt.) Ltd online trading system are:

  • Confidentiality of all customer transactions
  • Online funds transfer facility
  • Excellent service provided by courteous and knowledgeable customer support staff.
  • Equal order priority irrespective of the order size
  • Real time portfolio updates
  • Instant executions and confirmations on stock trade