What would be the federal budget? which sectors would bear the most tax? How much increment in salaries would be made? Curious? Read further to get your answers.

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90% of IMF requests have already been approved and implemented; now we must wait and see how they influence the economy’s future.

Pakistan expects to sign a staff level agreement with the IMF next week, which has raised market sentiments since the only way PSX might see a bullish trend is if we have the IMF programme on board.

The budget expense for 2022-2023 is anticipated to be Rs9 to 9.5 trillion (11.5-15% of GDP), up from Rs8.5 trillion (12.7%) for the current fiscal year. Banks are likely to pay higher tax rates this year, but government employees’ incomes are projected to rise, according to the news.

Pakistan is anticipated to receive an IMF bailout, causing the rupee to rise to 185/$. The World Bank has granted $258 million in funding for Pakistan’s health sector. Pakistan’s foreign reserves may soon increase due to present and prospective foreign inflows from World Bank, China, and IMF bailout loans.

So far, there is too much uncertainty in the stock market today as a result of speculations about rising oil prices.

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