PSX successfully held back all the negative economic chaos, maintaining a positive trend for the third consecutive day.

PSX stock Market

The Pakistani rupee has dropped 1.29 percent against the US dollar and is currently trading at 207.75 in the interbank market.

The Pakistani rupee is sinking day by day, reaching an all-time low in the interbank market of 207 rupees. Against the backdrop of current inflation, the perpetually decreasing rupee is causing major anxiety in the stock market and among investors.
PSX Market has seen another positive trading day with an increase of 291 points in the 100 index, even though the market was initially set back due to an overnight increase in petroleum prices, but soon gets a hold of an upward trend since IMF uncertainties are eliminated by finance minister by imposing all additional measures proposed by IMF, prompting cheers from investors.
On Thursday, US stocks plummeted as a result of the Federal Reserve’s aggressive anti-inflation policy. The US trading session saw a 2% drop in trade after the Federal Reserve boosted interest rates by three quarters.

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