Did FATF really cleared out Pakistan’s name from the grey list? PSX to witness another positive surge.

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IMF announcement on remaining money is due within 72 hours.

The IMF’s statement for the final tranche is coming today, a last-ditch effort to alleviate market concerns.
Pakistan is anticipated to be removed from the FATF list following an on-site inspection by the Financial Action Task Force by the end of October. According to analysts, Pakistan’s removal from the list will facilitate foreign direct investment and provide a much-needed boost to the country’s faltering economy.
Despite a bloodbath of 1135 points on Monday, the stock market fared well overall in the outgoing week. 362 stocks traded in total, with 108 stocks showing a negative trend, 8 remaining neutral, and 246 showing a positive trend. The fertilizer sector alone lost 40 points in today’s stock market, while the ENP sector-led PSX with 102 points on Friday.

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